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Home Sick....Bored... [10 May 2005|02:21pm]
1(X)Napoleon Dynamite
2( )Saw
3(X)White Noise
4(X)White Oleander
5(X)Anger Management
6(X)50 First Dates
7( )Jason X
9( )Scream 2
10( )Scream 3
11(X)Scary Movie
12(X)Scary Movie 2
13(X)Scary Movie 3
14(X)American Pie
15(X)American Pie 2
16(X)American Wedding
17(X)Harry Potter
18(X)Harry Potter 2
19(X)Harry Potter 3
20.( )Resident Evil I
21.( )Resident Evil 2
22(X)The Wedding Singer
23( )Little Black Book
24(X)The Village
25( )Donnie Darko
26(X)Lilo & Stitch
27(X)Finding Nemo
28(X)Finding Neverland
29( )13 Ghosts
31(X)The Grinch
32(X)Texas Chainsaw Massacre
33( )White Chicks
34(X)Butterfly Effect
35(X)Thirteen going on 30
36(X)I Robot
37(X)Dodge ball
38( )Universal Soldier
39( )A Series Of Unfortunate Events
40( )Along Came A Spider
41( )Deep impact
42( )KingPin
43(X)Never Been Kissed
44(X)Meet The Parents
45(X)Meet The Fockers
46( )Eight Crazy Nights
47(X)A Cinderella Story
48( )The Terminal
49(X)The Lizzie McGuire Movie
50(X)Passport to Paris
51(X)Dumb & Dumber
52(X)Dumb & Dumberer
53(X)Final Destination
54(X)Final Destination 2
55( )Halloween
56( )Halloween 2
57( )Halloween 3
58( )Halloween 4
59( )Halloween 5
60( )H20
61(X)Halloween: the Resurrection
62(X)The Ring
63(X)The Ring 2
64( )Harold & Kumar (white castle)
65(X)Practical Magic
67( )Ghost Ship
68( )From Hell
69( )Team america world police
70( )Hellboy
71(X)Secret Window
72( )I Am Sam
73(X)The Whole Nine Yards
74( )The Day After Tomorrow
75( )Child's Play
76( )Bride of Chucky
77(X)Ten Things I Hate About You
78(X)Just Married
80(X)Nightmare on Elm Street
81(X)Sixteen Candles
82( )Bad Boys 2
83( )Joy Ride
84( )Seven
85(X)Oceans Twelve
86(X) Oceans 11
87( )Identity
88( )Lone Star
90( )Predator 1
91( )Predator 2
92(X)Independence Day
93( )Cujo
94( )A Bronx Tale
95( )Darkness Falls
96( )Christine
98( )Children of the Corn
99(X)My boss' daughter
100(X)Maid in Manhattan
101( )Frailty
102( )Best bet
103(X)How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
104(X)She's All That
105( )Calendar Girls
106( )Sideways
107(X)Mars Attacks
108( )Event Horizon
109(X)Ever after
110(x)Forrest Gump
112( )Big Trouble in Little China
113(X)X-men 1
114(X)X-men 2
115( )Jeepers Creepers
116( )Jeepers Creepers 2
117(X)Catch Me If You Can
118( )The Others
119(X)Freaky Friday
120( )Reign of Fire
121( )Man on Fire
123(X)Cruel Intentions
124(X)The Hot Chick
127(X)Friday Night Lights
128(X)Old School
129( )Ray
130(X)The Notebook
131( )K-Pax
132(X)Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
133(X)Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
134(X)Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
135(X)A Walk to Remember
136(X)Sweet Home Alabama
137(X)Moulin Rouge
138( )Boogeyman
140( )Back Door Sluts 9
141(X)The Fifth Element
142( )Star wars episode I
143( )Star wars episode II
144( )Star wars episode IV
145( )Star wars episode V
146( )Star wars episode VI
147(X)Troop Beverly Hills
148( )Swimming with Sharks
149( )Trainspotting
150( )People under the stairs
151( )Blue Velvet
152(X)Sound of music
153(x)Parent Trap
154( )The Burbs
155( )SLC Punk
156(X)Meet Joe Black
157( )Wild girls
158( )A Clockwork Orange
159( )The Order
161(x)Spiderman 2
162( )Amelie
163(x)Mean Girls
164(X)Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
166(X)Shrek 2
167(X)The Incredibles
168( )Collateral
169(X)The Fast & The Furious
170(X)2 Fast 2 Furious
171( )Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow
172( )Closer
173(x)The Sixth Sense
174(X)Artificial intelligence
175(X)Love actually
176(X)The Sweetest Thing
177( )Shutter
178(X)Ella Enchanted
179(X)Princess diaries 1
180(X)Princess diaries 2
181.(X) Fight Club.
182.(X) The Princess Bride
183.( ) Animal House
184 ( ) The Matrix
185.( ) the Matrix Reloaded
186.( ) The Matrix Revolutions
187.(X) The Godfather
188.( ) The Godfather Part II
189.( ) The Godfather Part III
190.(X) A League of Their Own
191.(X) A Field of Dreams
192.( ) Goodfellas
193.( ) True Romance
194.(X) The Breakfast Club
195.( ) Camp
196.( ) Hide and seek
197.(X) Footloose
198.(X) Airplane
199.(X)Monty Python and The Quest for the Holy Grail
200.(X) When Harry Met Sally
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[07 May 2005|11:26am]
[ mood | cynical ]

Alright so leaving for practice in an hour...really do not want to go...dont know who my coach is...why I am stroking that piece of crap...I hate headraces...I would rather be a penis than race in a head race...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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[22 Apr 2005|01:08am]
[ mood | aggravated ]


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[01 Apr 2005|07:22am]
FOR WHEN YOU ARE BORED..and out of pixie stix

Created by slitwrists-blackeyes and taken 107 times on bzoink!

Name Colleen
Age 17
Birthday January 17
Hair Color brownish blondish
Eye Color hazel
Weight 130
Hometown Wynnewood
Color pink
Book Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging
Movie Mean Girls, Empire Records
Flower hmm...undecided
Song iF U C jordan
Band undecided
Animal Pug
Drink Hot Chocolate, rums good too
Food cantelope
Candy dont like candy
Football Team i guess the eagles....
Hockey Team Flyers....i guess...
Cartoon As Told by Ginger
Shoe high high high heels...too bad i cannot wear them
Clothing Brand um...dont know
Store urban outfitters, H and M
Actor too many to count...prob Jesse
talk show i dont DO talk shows
Restaurant WINNERS CIRCLE (ACK)!! and rubys
Kind of Pizza not a huge pizza fan
Subject English, but i love US history b/c of my teacher
perfume Pure Posion by Dior
lotion something jergins
This or that
moon or sun moon
rain or snow rain
sunny or cloudy sunny
hockey or football do you have a interesting options?
boxers or briefs boxers
book or magazine depends which book or magazine
tea or coffee coffee
black fingernail polish or dark blue polish black
skateboarding or snowboarding skateboarding...i guess
movie or tv depends on the day
school or working working
sheep or llamas WTF
x-box or gamecube ihave no idea
pepsi or coke neither
pizza or cheese sticks cheese sticks
Sprite or 7up Sprite
red rose or black rose red
heart or star heart
puppy or cat puppy...cats are vicious
hamster or ferret ferret
bam or tony hawk tony hawk
tongue ring or eyebrow ring hm..they say tongue rings enhance certain activities...
shorts or pants pants
long sleeve or short sleeve depends
chocolate or vanilla chocolate
the happy bunny or emily strange WTF
being in love or never falling in love agh they are both torture...being in love
are you a leader or a follower leader
Best Friend kelly aly and cristin
Weirdest kelly
Strangest me
Preppiest mark and cristin
Dumbest max...i love you
The one you talk to well i talk to aly kelly mark and cristin the most
The one you would fall in love with ahem...anyway
Cutest aly
Ugliest i dont have ugly friends
Nicest aly
Meanest kelly to girls, me to boys, mark to whoever is pissing him off
Smartest cristin
Funniest jen
The one who can always cheer you up kelly
Shyest aly
Wildest kelly
The one who will never settle down everyone will settle down
Other Stuff
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend boyfriend :-D
Are you in love wow look over there...
Ever wanted to kill the one you love no
What's his/her name omg Elvis just walked in the room...
Are you bi/straight/gay straight
What's your religion im working on that
What tv show do you watch the most DEGRASSI
Do you cut yourself no
Ever tried suicide no
Ever known someone to commit suicide i know people who have tried
Ever had an eating disorder oh sweet jesus
What video game do you like TETRIS
virgin or not ...
Tattoos or Piercings small tattoos and limited piercings
Stereo or Downloaded Music stereo
survey sucks or rox your sox? whats with all the personal shit
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[24 Mar 2005|01:07pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]


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[10 Mar 2005|03:23am]
[ mood | silly ]


Ima put anotha dime up in dat juke box

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school daze [02 Mar 2005|01:38pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

I am currently at school in a my free without much to do. Well actually, that is a total blatant lie. There are a number of things I could do like my Greek hmk, Latin lns, History reading, Chem worksheets...yea well thats not gonna happen. Crew started yesterday but the bus did not come until around 5 so we had to run, and by we I mean those uncrippled folks, who do not include me. Alicia, Julia, Armena and I did circuits in the boathouse while Davey went crazy on the erg. Seriously, we were in there for about 45 minutes and he did not stop erging the entire time. He is mad I tell you MAD! ADditionally, I now have to be serious about my diet to get under lightweight which means I cannot eat crap anymore which means I am sad :-( and we did not see the Haverford crew team yesterday, the only highlight to my mundane existence (thats an exaggeration I just like pretending like I am popular)oh merde, double, triple merde! I should go do some work cause only god knows when I will get home tonight. Geez-o-man!!! Yikes-a-bee, I have to pee! this entry is more than uninteresting, but leave a message to make me feel special (....ed)!

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Behind Enemy Lines [12 Feb 2005|08:21am]
[ mood | grumpy ]

I am currently being very very sneaky in writing this because I am grounded and not really allowed to do any unschool-related work on the computer, but it is saturday morning and my mother never specifically said "do not go onto live journal"(probably because she does not know that I have one but meh whatever) so I'm writing to say hello to all those that read this (Aly and Kelly) because I cannot go online or use my cellphone WOOHOO...not. However, I will be at Aly's party tonight with Mark yippeee but I need to go shopping!!!! I know what I am getting for Aly for her bday and I LOVE it and I also know what I am getting for Mark for Valentine's day and I love that too...yippeee....too bad I am like not allowed out of the house...AH and to make matters SO much better, I have play practice today from 9-12, which I skipped last week so I cannot do that this week. BAH!!! ok well you know what, I should go get dressed and I dunno make myself NOT look like a pile of crap for a change. WOOHOO!!! PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT!! So I will not feel completely abandoned or if you are really risky you could pull a "Saving Private Ryan" move and come release me form this purgatory. BAH!!


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I HEART JANE [26 Jan 2005|10:13pm]
[ mood | drained ]


Auto response from Jahhblivious: Mattjk292973307 (8:22:43 PM): wanna h/u at a movie?
sw33t rt (8:23:02 PM): no
Mattjk292973307 (8:23:11 PM): please i'm desperate



Jahhblivious: I LOVE YOU
Cmck06: I LOVE YOU
Jahhblivious: awwwwwwwwwww ilove you MORE
Cmck06: i love you MOST
Cmck06: i love u more than kraeutler loves masturbating
Jahhblivious: I CAN I CAN
Jahhblivious: UMMMMM
Jahhblivious: UMMMMMM
Jahhblivious: THIS IS TOUGH
Cmck06: BAHAHA
Cmck06: ummm...ok that was good
Cmck06: i love u more than brendan roach loves his sister
Cmck06: i swear theres some incest going on there
Jahhblivious: GROSS
Jahhblivious: i can beat it
Jahhblivious: i love you more than sarah nathan touches herself while crying!
Cmck06: oh dear oh DEAR
Jahhblivious: hahahha
Jahhblivious: this is getting emotional
Cmck06: i love u more than the price of all of jackie sabats uggs put together times 5 plus the money that nakki spends on porn a year
Jahhblivious: ewwwwww naki!
Jahhblivious: haha
Jahhblivious: i can beat it
Jahhblivious: i love you more than mr baten thinks about banging mrs aldridge every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jahhblivious: ah haaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Cmck06: oh damn theres NO beating that

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I LOVE PETE [18 Jan 2005|11:09pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Cmck06: good night peter
Gladwyne11: good night wendy, tomorrow, we're off to neverland
Cmck06: oh peter
Gladwyne11: oh wendy, let's bang NOW
Gladwyne11: whoops......
Gladwyne11: that didn't happen.
Cmck06: oooh peter now now now
Cmck06: what who said that
Gladwyne11: that pixy dust was realllll trippy
Cmck06: yea well i dont think ur supposed to snort it
Cmck06: too late now
Cmck06: oh look nanna's flying
Gladwyne11: she looks hot in her night gown, i wonder if she's going commando
Cmck06: who looks hot?
Gladwyne11: nanna
Cmck06: nannas a dog
Gladwyne11: oh.
Gladwyne11: right then......

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I LOVE KELLY [14 Jan 2005|10:20pm]
[ mood | touched ]

DoryZtwin05: omg i just scared myself!!
DoryZtwin05: i saw my reflection in the window and thought it was a ghost from white noise hahaha

a kellyism for all to see...oh kelly you awaken from my deepest depressions...usually because its 4 in the morning and you think that 5 am is a sensible bedtime and anything before is preposterous




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[ mood | bouncy ]

I. Reply to this post with your name, because I'd like to say a couple of words about you.

II. I'll also tell you what movie reminds me of you when I see it.

III. I'll also tell you which celebrity/movie character/public person you remind me of, either personality-wise or looks-wise.

IV. I'll also give ONE WORD that I associate with you when I think of you.

V. We all could use a boost now and then, so steal this for your journal and make someone else's day as well

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SCHOOL SUCKS [09 Jan 2005|10:34pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Alright this is just SUPER!! i love school, complete with mountain loads of work, intense late night cram sessions, and relatively no social life (thats kind of a lie...but anyway)So yea, no that were all joyfully back from break, work has increased, exams are in three weeks, my birthday is in 13 days, and life pretty much sucks right now. why, you might ask, is my birthday a bad thing? well i'll tell you...the shortened version because i should be doing my greek homework. ok here goes: my parents dont love me anymore, im not getting a party, my birthday will suck more than a skank in a movie theatre and pretty much yea...anyhoo...i hate school...my term paper got deleted...3 times...my head hurts like crazy because i am not allowed to drink coffee anymore...and i need excedrin like crazy...i will go get it....not now...and yes hmm...i had to write a paper on frederick douglass...i do not actually think i talked about frederick douglass though...i do not remember, i think i made things up...i do that. i wish we were reading shakespeare...yea im a loser...or hawthorne...atleast something i can get into, nope we have to be reading "25 great essays", most of which are barely mediocre. geez oh man my head hurts...bahahah college meeting today bahahaha all the girlies were like "OMG ITS KEVIN OMG OMG" gotta admit...i just dont see his appeal...hes very angular...like if a man were an angle, it would be him...hes all tall and thin with a pointy nose...but at the same time not that tall and not that thin...the nose makes him look thinner...i noticed...i also noticed that adams body is HEAVEN and i just wanna rap myself up in it...right so seeing white noise with mark this weekend...ok gotta say that fate has a funny way of screwing with people...it just sorta sneaks up on you...damnit...

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it was just way too cute to delete [12 Dec 2004|10:52am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Mondi06: the one w/ rudolph tho
Mondi06: makes me so sad
Mondi06: cuz he doesnt get to play the reindeer games

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christmas [12 Dec 2004|10:47am]
[ mood | crazy ]

yaaay christmas break starts on friday AND ANNNND sarah's movie Spanglish comes out on friday too...which is all kinds of exciting, and everyone better go see because its gonna be great. alright what else...everyone's being so annoying and not telling what they are getting me for christmas...and mark wont even give me a clue...kellys away and im really upset b/c i need my kelly and britney...:-(
ok well...hmm...i have to write my term paper...should be doing that now...it shouldnt be too hard tho b/c its all about disney movies YES!!!! woohoo yippee...i really need to go christmas shopping...ill do that next weekend...saturday perhaps...ok my hw not gonna do itself and i also have my drivers ed final today..fudgemonkey...later days

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MEH [03 Dec 2004|11:36am]
[ mood | giddy ]

WELLL...apparently i do not write often enough so im back again to annoy and confuse. well what can i say...today is friday...free dress day at school...wore my beautious pink converses...i cant go to NY next weekend b/c of stinky old drivers ed...im currently working on my bad posture...my boobs are too big...ooh christina just came on...come on over=good song, it reminds me of middle school...back before term papers...FUCK i need to do that...shit monkey crapper...ahh...shoulda done that tonite...ill do math...no calc...effer...ooh simple plan...ok new motto: life is confusing, painful and above all unpredictable, so just hold tight to ur toothbrush and mascara and ull be fine...i hate not being able to brush my teeth...and my eyelashes r very light...oh god i wont put u thru this anymore...haha i think i just scared stewie...love me :-*

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INSOMNIAC [10 Nov 2004|02:06am]
[ mood | restless ]

ahh...it is currently 2 am, and i have yet to sleep. how effing sweet is that. its VERY effing sweet is ya asked me. specially b/c i have school 2moro, complete with a greek test YIPEEE. well i dont wana type too loudly so im gonna go. but i just decided to write to say AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH so there ive done it. please hit me upside the head so i pass out...thanx, coll

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FILL OUT AND POST [08 Nov 2004|05:31pm]
_ whats your name?
_ are we friends?
_ how did we meet?
_ how long have we been friends?
_ what do you think of me ?
_ why?
_ how long do you think our friendship will last?
_ why?

Do You Think i'm...
_ sick minded?
_ sexy?
_ smart?
_ a wannabe?
_ nice?
_ a good friend?
_ stupid?
_ emotional?
_ bossy?
_ stuck up?
_ worth your time?

Would You...
_ be my friend?
_ lend me money?
_ die for me?
_ be there for me when i need you?
_ lie to me?
_ frame me?
_ hang out with me?
_ put this in your xanga to see what i would say on yours?
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RAAAANNNT [08 Nov 2004|05:03pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

ok hmm, today wasnt a bad day...but i have to rant so deal with it.
RANT: WHY THE HELL DONT PPL GET CUTTING/ANOREXIA/BULIMIA/DEPRESSION IN GENERAL??? like wtf, its how ppl deal with the problems in thier life. yea its screwed up, no one is gonna deny that, but you're screwed up too so get over it. everyone has thier issues and their own way of dealing with it. and yall ignorant folk who think that eating disorders are primarily based one someones bad body image is BULLLLSHEEEET. eating disorders came from the same thing that cutting comes from: depression. its refocusing all your anger on one aspect of yourself instead of facing your real problems. ITS THE ONLY PAIN CONTROL GOD DAMNIT!!!!! its painful, its sucky, but so is life so whats better? are u really one to say? have u never eaten out your problems? have u never been tempted to mutilate yourself when you were angry? have u never locked yourself in your room w/o a meal b/c you were down? yea all yall who said no to all those are effing full of shit and you either have this effed up notion that the world is good or you're a newborn. ok well thats my rant, ill write more later, toodle loooo

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Early Morning [07 Nov 2004|08:03am]
[ mood | cheery ]

MORNING SUNSHINES!!! I just woke up from a marvelous sleep. I had a great dream, random as all hell but still great...and also already pretty much forgotten...btu anyhoo I've been in a surprisingly good mood lately and I could not even begin to tell you why. Maybe its b/c I actually ate somewhat normally the last two days, honestly that makes all the difference. Alas I have driver's ed today and I do not know what the hw is so I have to call Amy...I'll do that later. I also have to write my history take-home test today which means I have to find the question which could place me in quite a conundrum. Oh well, atleast I have already finished with my math hw and sortof english. AHH well I'll wait to write more when I actually have something of interest to say. But one more thing, after drvier's ed mark and I are doing something :-D yay toodle loo

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